What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common life threatening genetic condition affecting New Zealand children. It is a genetically inherited condition some people are born with that mainly affects their lungs and digestive system.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimise the quality of life of people with cystic fibrosis in New Zealand helping them to live a life unlimited. We do this through funding CF research, advocating for access to best care and treatments, and by providing support and information.

Your support is key

Your support means

Cystic Fibrosis NZ is able to sustain and accelerate the pace of change towards a life unlimited by CF for all.

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Regular Giving

Team Unlimited is an extraordinary group of people who together are giving New Zealanders with cystic fibrosis the best possible chance of living a life unlimited by their condition.

Join Team Unlimited

By joining Team Unlimited you will:

  • Fund CF social workers
  • Fund physical activity grants
  • Fund hospital and transplant allowances
  • Fund much needed medical devices
  • Fund family information and resources for each stage of life
  • Fund CF research into treatment and cure

Stories from our CF community

Tailen, aged 15 months from the Waikato

Tailen was born much smaller than my other three children and I was forever changing his nappy.

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Tayler, aged 11 from Auckland

My hopes for Tayler are the same as they are for my other children. I want them to live long, happy and healthy lives.

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Madison, aged 10 from Wellington

It is a constant juggling act between trying to “normalise” Madison’s life and keep her safe and well.

Read Madison's story

Hayden, aged 17 from Auckland

Pip Stocking’s son Hayden has CF. Now Pip is on a mission to help raise awareness of CF among Maori.

Read Hayden's story

Your support means

Cystic Fibrosis NZ is able to sustain and accelerate the pace of change towards a life unlimited by CF for all.


One in 25 New Zealanders

An estimated one in 25 New Zealanders have the gene that causes cystic fibrosis and the gene can by passed down in families for generations until a baby is born with the condition.

Because carriers of cystic fibrosis are unaffected and show no symptoms, it is hard for them to appreciate that cystic fibrosis may be a real risk. Any of us could be a carrier and we wouldn't know. A child can only inherit cystic fibrosis when both parents carry the defective cystic fibrosis gene, and there is usually no prior family history when a child is born with the disease.

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Leave a Bequest

Do something amazing today that will make a difference tomorrow. Including a gift in your will helps us plan for a future, where every individual with cystic fibrosis who needs support, can have it. If you would like to receive information outlining how to leave a bequest please email us at cfnzbequests@donatenow.co.nz